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  • Share photos, videos, audios, documents and zip files
  • Real-time translation of every post in your feed
  • Create pages of your business, celebrity or a brand
  • Make new communities with WorldNoor Groups
  • Go live and engage your audience like never before

We do not share your data

We believe that our user are the real owner of what they share onWorldNoor

WorldNoor does not share data of its users with anyone else on the earth. We operate without any third-party contracts related to data sharing with others for any reason. Your data is stored on WorldNoor server, completely secure and private


Forever Free

WorldNoor does not charge you for using any of its services

WorldNoor is free and always going to be.

All features of WorldNoor are available to everyone who creates their account with WorldNoor

Freedom in its true sense!


Work on all devices

WorldNoor is available on all popular platforms such as

  • All major web browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari)
  • Android phones and Tablets
  • iPhone and iPads


No Tracking

We do not track user behaviour and action

WorldNoor does not use cookies or any other means to track your actions on WorldNoor website